5 Ice Cream Styles Explained

zoku-2-300With the popularity of ice cream makers, there have been quite an emergence in new styles of ice cream, including alcoholic frozen treats. Among the dozens different types of ice cream, however, there are five styles of ice cream that constitute as the base to just about any mixture.

Traditional Ice Cream

Also known as homemade ice cream, traditional ice cream is often made by incorporating all the ingredients in the canister. Depending on the model that you’re using, you might need to add some rock salt and ice to the canister in order to keep your mixture to optimal temperature. More sophisticated machines such as the Cuisinart ICE-70 and the Nostalgia ICMW400 only require between 20 minutes to half an hour, but others might call for longer churning periods, as well as some post-freezing afterwards. Traditional ice cream can also be customized by adding the ingredients and flavors of your choice.

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As it names implies, soft-serve ice cream has a far creamier texture than traditional ice cream. Commonly found in ice cream trucks, this type of ice cream is made by adopting a lengthier churning period in order to incorporate more air into the mixture. Another way of maintaining a soft consistency is by serving it at room temperature. Because of its softer and more giving texture, this type of ice cream is often served over waffles, pies or in cones.


With Italian origins, Gelato has a denser consistency than traditional ice cream. This is mainly due to the fact that less air is incorporated during the churning process. Gelato also contains less eggs and more milk than other types of ice cream. The main advantage with this type of frozen treat is that it is extremely receptive to additional ingredients: this is because the lack of fat really brings forward other additional flavors. Consequently, you can customize your mixture and add anything you want, from toffee to caramel, chunks of chocolate, rose water, pieces of fruit and the likes.


Sorbet is the ultimate favorite among dieters or calorie-conscious groups of people since it does not contain any fat. In fact, this dessert can be considered as a frozen version of fruit puree. It does not contain any milk, cream or fat but it is churned in the same way as regular ice cream but less air is incorporated. Some people like to vamp up their sorbets by adding a splash of alcohol like margarita or champagne. Sorbets are often fruit-flavored. Popular options include, but are not limited to, orange, tamarind, berries and the likes.


Sherbet basically consists of a mixture of fruit juice added to gelatin, egg white, milk or even cream. While its primary components are quite similar to sorbets, sherbets do contain fat and dairy. It can be considered as a cross between traditional ice cream and sorbets. Extremely popular in Eastern countries, this frozen treat is commonly served between courses since it is said to clear the palate, hence enabling you to individually appreciate the flavors associated with each course. It is good to know that sherbets are still lower in calories than regular ice cream.

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