All about Compressor Ice Cream Makers

Among the most popular kitchen appliances on the market, ice cream makers are certainly perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. In fact, these versatile machines can be used to make quite a wide variety of desserts including frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbets, sherbets and even drinks like slushies and margarita. With an ice cream maker, you can also avoid the excessive costs associated with eating out since you’ll be able to make your own frozen treats at no extra cost. Best of all, these appliances provide you with greater precision over your ingredients which means that you’ll be able to avoid all the fat and sugar that are normally loaded in commercially-produced ice cream. This is quite a great option to dieters who normally avoid ice cream because of the calories.

gm6000 gelato makerUsers will be glad to learn that most ice cream makers are now fitted with a compressor, which drastically enhances the overall quality and texture of your ice cream, while helping you avoid common mishaps. For example, several users often complain about issues such as their mixture separating or melting during the churning process, which means that you often have to start from scratch again. This can be quite a demotivating factor and as a result, so several users are reluctant to take out their appliance again.

However, compressor ice cream makers such as the Cuisinart ICE-100 and the DeLonghi GM6000 are equipped with a technical system that’s not unlike a cooler or refrigerator. Therefore, the canister remains completely cool during the churning process which largely minimizes the risk of anything melting or getting too watery. Since a compressor unit retain the temperature of your ice cream, they’re also highly effective in making frozen yogurt, sherbet and gelato. With a compressor machine, you don’t even have to pre-freeze the canister or paddle before use. By this token, users don’t need to treat the bowl with rock salt and ice before you make your ice cream.

You Will Save Time

A regular ice cream maker often requires the mixture to be frozen again after churning. Unfortunately, churning and re-freezing often results in a crunchier, almost sherbet-like texture. With a compressor unit, on the other hand, you’ll be able to enjoy your frozen delicacies directly after the churning process. In fact, this appliance is quite handy for anyone who needs to make several batches in one go since there’s no need to freeze the bowl after each batch- something that can be quite a time-saver for anyone who has a busy schedule.

Worth the Extra Cash

The one disadvantage with compressor appliances is that they tend to be slightly more expensive than regular machines. They’re also heavier and more bulky, which means that they’ll claim quite a bit of counter space. These ice cream makers are not as portable as regular ones. Still, in spite of these few drawbacks, compressor machines will undoubtedly make both the preparation and churning process much easier for you. Users will even be able to go ahead with their daily routine and tasks without having to worry about their mixture melting or getting too watery.