Should You Get an Ice Cream Maker?

Yonanas 901 ice cream makerWith the extended variety of kitchen appliances that have emerged on the market, home owners no longer need to slave all day just to produce a delicious treat. If you’re fond of ice cream or similar frozen desserts, for example, you might want to check out the numerous ice cream makers that are available in the Home Appliance market. These can come in extremely handy when it comes to making different types of ice creams or such similar desserts, such as soft-serve ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt, and- in some cases- even frozen margaritas or slushies.

Of course, it is possible to make your own ice cream by hand but bear in mind that this often entails hours and hours of repetitive whisking for a merge amount. Add that to endless freezing periods and you might as well give up in favor of store-bought ice-cream. On the other hand, ice-cream makers are available under different price ranges, hence enabling you to afford one even if your budget is constrained. Bear in mind that it’s even possible to get a good model for as low as $20, as is the case with the Hamilton Beach 68330R, so it does pay off to do some research before you indulge in any purchase.

A major advantage with ice-cream makers is that they allow you to cater to parties, even under very short notice. Indeed, more sophisticated models such as the MaxiMatic EIM-506 do not even require any preparation or freezing time: you simply need to add all the ingredients to the machine, allow it a few minutes to churn and then enjoy the mixture straight out of the canister. Other less expensive models can also do the job just as quickly but you might need to treat it with a mixture of rock salt and ice during the churning process. In some cases, the mixture does need to be placed in the freeze for a few minutes after use just to allow it to settle and firm up a bit more.

Of course, you can also find more fun-like devices such as the YayLabs Ice Cream Ball, which is ideal for kids since they’re designed to be passed around like a ball in order for the mixture to churn. Consequently, they will help your kids enjoy the preparation as well and you will benefit from a healthier frozen treat. Indeed, store-bought ice creams- as delicious as they are- are very often laden with all sorts of chemicals and other such harmful ingredients, not to mention their excessive fat and sugar content. Investing in your own ice cream maker will help you to make guilt-free treats since you won’t need to worry about the calorie count. Since you will be able to completely customize your ice cream, you can, for example, substitute dairy for soy or almond milk and even go sugar-free if you want to. With an ice cream maker, it is also possible to add extra ingredients such as dried or fresh fruit, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, cookie crumbs and the likes.

All things considered, if you’re fond of frozen desserts, it’s not a bad idea to get your very own appliance, and with this in mind, we put together our top 10 ice cream makers so check them out and be sure that you’ll get the model that fully satisfies your budget and personal preferences.

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