Top 3 Commercial Ice Cream Makers

Commercial ice cream makers are slightly more expensive than usual, but they do provide an excellent operation that cannot rival to lower-quality ones. If you’re planning on investing in one of these machines, read on for three of the best commercial ice cream makers on the market.

Our Choice: Whynter ICM-200LS

whynter commercial ice cream makerWith a price tag that ranges between $300 and $400, the Whynter ICM-200LS is reputed for its exceptionally powerful compressor motor. In fact, most people have found that they were able to successfully freeze up to 2.1 quart of ice-cream in just thirty to sixty minutes. In fact, because it’s so powerful, this particular model can be used to make continuous batches, which means that you won’t need to wait for the canister to freeze again between batches. Consequently, it can be used for parties and such gatherings. Best of all, it can also be used to make gelatos and frozen yogurt, for anyone who wants to enjoy a lower-calorie dessert.

This machine is equipped with additional amenities such as a built-in audible timer that goes off when your mixture is churned to the consistency that you want it to be. This enables you to go ahead with your usual activities instead of standing by the machine while it churns. It also comes with a Motor Protection Function: true to its name, this option immediately puts the machine on Off mode if you accidentally allow the mixture to freeze solid.

Our Choice: Lello 4080

lello commercial ice cream makerPerfect for anyone who plans on using the machine on a regular basis, the Lello 4080 costs between $700 and $800. This model may be more expensive than usual, but then again, it has a unique capacity of 3 quarts per hour. Along with traditional ice cream, it can also be used to make sorbet, ice cream, sherbet, or even frozen yogurt. Because this is an entirely automatic model, you simply need to put the ingredients in the canister, press on the buttons and allow it to churn. Best of all, it provides you with different operations for various types of frozen desserts. It is good to know that this ice cream maker can also be used to make a variety of iced drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones.

Because of its stainless steel housing unit, cleaning up is also very easy. Weighing 40 pounds, it is quite sturdy and will not move easily during the churning process. It has an ingredient sprout that can be used to add any additional treats to your mixture, such as yogurt drops, fruit, chocolate chips, nuts, and the likes. Unlike most other models, it has a transparent lid to give you an overview of the mixing process.

Our Choice: Breville BCI600XL

breville bci600xlPriced between $300 and $400, the Breville BCI600XL is ideal for anyone who is looking for a budget-friendly machine. Designed to make a variety of desserts such as ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and sorbet. A feature unique to this apparatus is the Smart Scoop option. In fact, users will be able to choose between no less than 12 hardness settings in order to achieve their desired consistency.

Because it comes with a “Keep Cool” function, you can carry on with entertaining your guests while the mixture chills in the canister. With a capacity of 1.5 quart, the machine also comes with a transparent lid as well as a large sprout designed to help you add any extra ingredient you want to in your ice cream. The “Wipe Clean” exterior is perfect for an easy clean-up. If you have children, they will undoubtedly appreciate the typical ice cream truck music that rings out when the churning process is over.

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